Okami Group at Canton Fair 2019
Okami representatives visited the largest international exhibition in Guangzhou, the world capital of technology manufacturing, during their annual visit to contract manufacturing. We tell you how it was and what interesting things we learned for you.
Guangzhou has a population of about 15 million, roughly equal to the population of Moscow. However, on the days of an international exhibition, it is visited by millions of representatives of various companies. The main purpose of the visit is to discuss the results of the work and make plans for future periods.

For representatives of factories and plants, the Canton Fair is a way to find new customers and demonstrate their products. Okami, as a manufacturer of robot vacuum cleaners under the Panda and Okami brands, visited its key partners producing parts for robot vacuum cleaners and discussed steps for further development. In the near future, we will present new developments that will be a milestone in the robot vacuum cleaner market.
After the exhibition, we visited our contract manufacturing facility, where Panda and Okami robots are assembled. In the photo, you can see the business center where the factory is located. The production lines themselves occupy the upper floors of the building, while the office space is located downstairs. This is due to strict fire safety rules.
All employees, without exception, must be at work in protective clothing with protective masks.

During our visit to one of our partners' factories, we were shown modern machines that allow us to increase productivity and reduce the number of rejects in the production of parts. The video shows the conveyor machine in the final stage of the cycle, during which it removes assembled parts from the belt. Next, they're hand-checked for quality by employees.
Okami Group products go through several stages of testing and inspection. In the video, you can see the so-called drop test, during which the box with the vacuum cleaner is subjected to loads simulating transportation. This allows you to make sure that the product is not in danger, even if it is not secured during delivery.
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