the basics
Lifehacks for taking care of a robot vacuum cleaner
We make your life easier and share our tips on how to properly handle the smart assistant. Catch 4 tips that are sure to be useful when using the gadget!
1. Battery
Perhaps the most vulnerable place not only in robot vacuum cleaners but in general in battery technology. By following simple rules, you will significantly extend the life of the battery. The main tip here is not to leave the vacuum cleaner with a discharged battery for too long. If the cleaner runs out of power, put it in its base or plug it directly into a power source. If you are going on vacation, charge the robot fully, turn it off, and put it away. Perform several charge-discharge cycles to ensure that the robot vacuum cleaner works for the manufacturer's stated time. Batteries tend to increase their capacity gradually, they need to be loaded to do this.
2. Pets
Yes, we know that cats love to ride on robot vacuums. However, this is not always the case. Often our furry friends are mildly shocked that you have something new, unknown, eating their scattered food or picking up their hair. When the author of this article got himself a dog, he was initially very worried and shunned the robot.
A tricky tip I'd like to share is to build a relationship between the robot and the pet. Put a small bowl of treats on the robot, show it to the pet, and start the robot. You'll see, they'll become friends in no time.
3. Do not leave your stuff on the floor
Because of the way the sensors on the vacuum cleaner are positioned, they often do not see socks or children's toys lying on the floor. Remove them from the floor or enclose them with a virtual wall before starting the robot. In this way, you can avoid the chaotic movement of your things in space and protect the robot from unwanted breakage.
4. Don't run mopping while you're away
Not all robot vacuum cleaners know how to control the supply of liquid on the rag. The only exception is Okami's U-Series line.
If a robot vacuum cleaner with a full container suddenly gets stuck somewhere and shuts down, all the water from the container will spill out onto the floor. You don't want puddles, do you? Keep an eye on the robot while you're at home. Watching the emerging wet trail from the robot is said to have a meditative effect. We haven't tested it, though. Why don't you try it?
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