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7 tips for choosing a robot vacuum cleaner

A variety of models and a huge number of brands: how to choose "your" robot vacuum cleaner?

Facing such a choice, it is very important to get good advice in time or at least a direction in which to think. Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner is not an easy task, given the urgency of the issue and the variety of choices. I made this article as a checklist for you, answering the most popular questions.
1. Do you need a robot vacuum cleaner?
The first thing to understand is whether you actually need such a device? A few years ago, such gadgets were more like entertainment than real helpers in everyday life. However, times are changing and technology is also making progress. Check out this list. If you can relate to something, then a robot vacuum cleaner would definitely not be out of place:

  • You work and you are often away from home
  • Do you have pets?
  • You don't really like vacuuming
  • Your house is close to the road and you often open the windows
  • You are allergic to dust
  • You like modern technology
2. What type of robot is right for you?
Robotic vacuum cleaners come in simple and mopping versions. The latter, in fact, are not robot vacuum cleaners, but robot polishers. They clean by moving the module with a rag. It is effective, but it does not vacuum. As for robot vacuum cleaners, they often have a mopping function, which comes in addition to dry cleaning. In such robots, water flows from the tank onto the cloth and the vacuum freshens up the floor. It does not wash, but it collects dust and cleanses the air.

3. Which navigation is better?
There are several types of navigation in total. You can find more details about them in this article. In short, some robots create a map of the room, and some do not. But don't rush to run for a vacuum cleaner with a mapper! They cost more but are not suitable for all rooms. For example, for apartments of up to 60 square meters, you do not need a mapper, because the robot vacuum cleaner will go around everything more than once during its work. For large apartments and country houses, robots with mapping are recommended. There are different variations of a mapper, you can find more info about it in the article at the link above.
4. With or without a turbo brush?
All robot vacuum cleaners can be divided into 2 types — with or without a central turbo brush. Robots without a brush are great for pet owners. However, modern brushes are equipped with anti-winding protection (such as V-Shape 3.0 from Okami), so the bottom line is that robots with a brush are still more efficient. They not only collect dust by suction but also pick up debris from the floor with a brush.
5. Do I need smartphone control?
Modern Panda and Okami robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, thanks to which you can control the vacuum cleaner from anywhere in the world. From the phone, you can start the robot, select the cleaning mode, and in some models even see the cleaning map. This feature is good for you if you want to be able to start cleaning at any time, not when you get home.
6. What is a virtual wall and why is it needed?
Many vacuum cleaner models are equipped with a virtual wall. This device looks like a beacon, from which an IR signal emanates. The robot sees this signal and perceives the beam as a wall that must not be driven over. This feature will be very useful for those who have pets or children. A virtual wall can be used to protect food bowls or children's toys. The new u-Series line (except for the U80 Pet) has a fully virtual wall function and is displayed in the app directly on the map of the apartment.
7. Pay attention to the thresholds
Often buyers forget about such an important thing as interior thresholds. Measure their height and inform the manager so they can choose for you exactly the model that you need.

We are sure that this article has greatly simplified the process of choosing a robot vacuum cleaner!

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