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We give tips on how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home!
Gone are the days when robot vacuum cleaners were just a fashionable toy, able only to move unskillfully around the house and dangle underfoot. With the advent of powerful models with an intelligent navigation system, these devices have become full-fledged household assistants. If you decide to pick up a new generation of equipment, our article about choosing a reliable robot vacuum cleaner will be helpful.
How does a robot vacuum cleaner work?
Robots are called automatic devices for the reason that they work almost without human participation. The software cleverly bypasses obstacles, 100% copes with dust and debris and goes over the thresholds. The vacuum cleaner won't get lost between rooms thanks to touch sensors.

The program, in accordance with which the technique finds the way, depends on the model. For example, the robot Okami U80 works on the basis of SLAM-mapping: it defines its position in space in relation to surrounding objects and remembers the route. And a robot-vacuum cleaner Okami U100 is guided by a laser lidar, which builds an accurate map of the room.
When cleaning is completed, the home helper returns to the base to recharge.
Construction and materials used to make robot vacuums
The standard robot consists of a body with a lid, under which the battery and motor are hidden. The side brushes and the central turbo brush are responsible for collecting dust in the dustbin.
The configuration, size and shape of all these elements can be different. The main thing - high-quality materials of manufacture and accurate fitting of parts. It is better to choose a robot vacuum cleaner of a well-known brand. This ensures trouble-free operation and easy care of the product.
Principle of operation of the recharging base
Most robots come with a base. The stationary part is used to recharge the battery - when the equipment loses power, it returns to start on its own. So that the equipment can find the base without problems, the station emits an infrared signal.
Types of batteries used in robots
The technique will be able to move around the house and conduct cleaning only if there is a powerful battery. The greater the battery capacity, the larger the area the robot will clean in one cycle. A good vacuum cleaner can clean a 60 square meter apartment in 2 hours. If the battery time is limited to 1 hour, during the cleaning cycle the technique will return to the base 1 time to replenish the energy supply.
If we talk about the type of battery, the best solution today are considered the lithium-ion varieties (Li-Ion). Thus, the battery capacity of the Okami U100 robotic vacuum cleaner is equal to 3200 mAh. This parameter is sufficient to work without interruption for 2 hours.
Features of the implementation of mopping function
The classic solution for robots was the combination of vacuum and mopping. The Okami and Panda models are capable of vacuuming and scrubbing the floor. All thanks to the cleaning surface of the microfiber, on which the water from a special tank is delivered by drops. The droplets come through the membranes when vibrating. Therefore, the robot stops the water supply when it stands still.
Mopping of this type is effective against fine dust. To improve the quality of cleaning smooth surfaces, adding non-foaming detergent to the water container.

In addition to the standard vacuum cleaners with mopping function, there are washable varieties of equipment on sale. Such equipment sprays water on the floor, and then wipes the surface with a dry cloth. But even such robots are difficult to call fully detergents, so the first technology is still preferable.
Main parameters for choosing a robot vacuum cleaner for the house
  • Cleaning area
    It is correct to choose the technique taking into account the area of all rooms in the house. If the model is able to clean 60 square meters during autonomous operation, it will not be enough to clean the area of 150 square meters. And the characteristic, much more than the area of the house, will lead to an unjustified increase in the price of the device. So clarify this parameter before buying a specific model, so as not to be disappointed in your choice.
  • Ability to pass obstacles
    Cheap models that do not know how to bypass elementary obstacles are useless in the work. Opt for models that can easily pass thresholds and corners. Check this parameter in the data sheet. Optimal is considered if the vacuum cleaner overcomes height differences in 0.6" / 1.5 cm.
  • Scheduled Cleaning
    Another useful function, which, however, is not among the mandatory ones. Models with timers work according to a set schedule. It is enough to configure the program once to not think about the inclusion of the robot vacuum cleaner. The technique will clean the apartment at a selected time: for example, when all the household members are working.
  • Soft touch furniture
    In the most rudimentary way, this function is realized through the design of the robot. The robot will not damage furniture and partitions and will not be damaged itself thanks to the springy bumper, which softens the impact. However, if there are valuable and fragile items in the apartment, pay attention to models with a soft touch function. Such equipment brakes in front of obstacles, which means you won't have to worry about the integrity of vases and appliances.

    Additional insurance against damage to objects gives robot vacuum cleaners small weight. For this reason, most models of Okami and Panda weigh no more than 6 lb / 3 kg. In the event of a collision, the impact is so weak that it will pass unnoticed.
  • Dust collector volume
    When evaluating this parameter, the area of the rooms is taken into account. The following values are taken as a norm:

    • 0.3 liters - for apartments with an area of up to 50 square meters
    • 0.5 liters - for area of 50-80 sq.m.
    • 0.5-1 liters - above 80 sq.m.
  • Filter element type
    Filters in the vacuum cleaner are responsible for the quality of the exhaust air coming into the room. For this reason all Okami and Panda models are equipped with double filtration system:

    • 3D filter keeps the large debris in the dust canister
    • HEPA filter cleans the air from fine dust

    Reliable robots for the home are equipped with two HEPA filters. To clean them, simply rinse the elements with running water.
  • Accessories
    The vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of accessories. Do you need a remote control, spare brushes and filters and motion restrictors in daily use? Let's describe the basic package of a standard robot, so you know what items will be useful.

    • Remote control
    • Charging base
    • Water container
    • Dust collector
    • Virtual wall
    • HEPA filter (2 pcs.)
    • Side brushes (4 pcs.)
    • Instruction manual and Warranty card

    In addition, robot-vacuum cleaners are supplied with adapters for connection to the electric network and accessories that simplify the maintenance of devices. These include removable tips for hair collection, brushes for cleaning the water tank, wet wipes, etc.
  • Consumables
    An important tip: Check the availability of consumables before you buy your robot. This will save you from unnecessary expenses and searching for analogues. A vacuum cleaner is equipment that is regularly tested for durability. And it is good if a broken brush or filter can be replaced immediately.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
    Unless you plan to replace the robot vacuum cleaner the first time it breaks down, make sure it's under warranty. However, even this point is not enough. Not every store will help you sort out the problem. So check whether there are official service centers in Russia and whether the seller correctly filled out the warranty card. Keep your purchase documents for the duration of the warranty. Without them, the cost of repairing the vacuum cleaner will not be reimbursed.
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