Okami V70 Absolute

Maximum power for the most demanding tasks
23 990
27 990
Okami V70 is an upright vacuum cleaner that will turn cleaning from struggle to total destruction. The uncompromising 450W engine will will effectively pick up trash from both flat surfaces and carpets. A wide range of nozzles allows you to adapt the Okami V70 for a whole range of tasks.

2022 Product Line. Already available at a special price.

Reduced price since March 25, 2022
The Okami V70 upright vacuum cleaner is one of the most powerful wireless vacuum cleaners of our time. In addition to its outstanding technical characteristics, it has a stylish design created by an international team. Watch a short video about the Okami V70 upright vacuum cleaner and you will understand that the future, in which there is no place for bulky and weak vacuum cleaners, is already here.

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