Panda EVO

Evolution of dust control
Product line of 2021. Modern robot vacuum cleaner with high-quality SLAM navigation, mopping feature and smartphone control.
It creates a map of the room, and the power can be adjusted in three modes.

Price reduces since March, 25 2022.

The essentials for the final victory over the dust. Already on sale.

Watch a short video showing the main advantages of the Panda Evo robot vacuum cleaner. This robot vacuum cleaner with a modern design will fit into almost any environment, and most importantly — make it cleaner.

Key features of

Panda EVO robot vacuum cleaner

Power up to 2150 Pa.
The brushless motor is capable of operating in three intensity modes. The available power range is 1500-2150 Pa. Adjust the suction force from the remote control or mobile app, depending on the task.
Mopping included
The Panda Evo robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a removable 180 ml water tank. Designed for mopping of small and medium-sized rooms. There is nothing better than mopping after dry cleaning, collecting the settled dust on a microfiber cloth.
Our furry friends
Do you have pets? You no longer have to worry about cleaning the vacuum cleaner's brush of hair. Panda Evo comes with a special brush with a safe blade, which makes the cleaning process as easy as possible.
Cleaning zone limiter
With the Panda Evo robot vacuum cleaner you will find a magnetic tape that does not allow the robot to pass in the place where it is installed. For example, you can use tape to protect child's construction kit or wires scattered on the floor.
Speaks Russian
This robot vacuum cleaner is fully localized so that communication with the device is literally in the same language!
Overcomes thresholds up to 1.8 cm.
Thanks to the improved wheelbase, the Panda Evo robot vacuum cleaner can overcome thresholds and climb carpets up to 1.8 cm high.


Last a long time. Always in stock. Special prices when buying a robot vacuum cleaner.

Standard Kit

Included in the kit / 6-9 months

0 ₽
  • 4 side brushes
  • 2 HEPA filters
  • 2 mopping cloths

Extended Kit

9-12 months
1790 ₽
  • + 2 side brushes
  • + 1 HEPA filter
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Absolute Kit

Lasts long

4990 ₽
  • + 8 side brushes
  • + 4 HEPA filters
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Warranty Plan

Choose an extended warranty for maximum protection


Standard terms

0 ₽
  • 12 months warranty
  • Standard maintenance period
  • Free delivery to the service from the pick-up point of a transport company and back

Maximum benefits

4990 ₽
  • 30 months warranty
  • Maintenance period — up to 3 days
  • Free delivery to the service from your door and back
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Panda Evo

Evolution of dust control

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