Okami U110 Home Station

Flagship U Series 2022-2023 Model
59 990
79 990
Okami U110 — the newest robot vacuum equipped with laser navigation and a self-emptying station. In a few seconds it creates an accurate map of your home and gets straight to work. Thanks to the robots's self-emptying base, you can forget about the vacuum for a long time. But with such a design.. is it worth it?
In this video are listed all the advantages of Okami U110. Impressive suction, smart navigation, and a self-emprying base — the model truly lays claim to the title of the best robot vacuum of 2022. The design of the robot was created by an international team of professionals, so that every aesthete would be pleased with how it looks.
Key Features of Okami U110 Home Station Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Self-Emptying Base 'Home Station'
Okami U110 Home Station uses its charging dock to collect all the dust from the container. You no longer have to empty it yourself after each cleanup. All the dirt will be put into a big dust bag inside the dock. There the debris will be kept under the pressure of 14,000 Pa. The OKAMI U110 mobile app will remind you when it's time to change the dust bag.
Advanced Mopping
Robot vacuum cleaner Okami U110 has an advanced mopping feature. Water comes directly to the mopping cloth, you can regulate water flow via the OKAMI U110 app. While mopping, the robot will move back and forth and this way scrub the floor. If the robot pauses, water will not leak from the tank.
Carpet Cleaning
Robot vacuum Okami U110 has a special mode for cleaning carpets. Turn it on in the mobile app, and the robot will automatically increase suction power when on the carpet.
Friendly to Dogs and Children
Your children will love Okami U110 Home Station: it won't pick or move their toys. Through the app, set a no-go zone where your kids usually play, and the robot won't disturb them. Your pets will be pleased to see that the vacuum is not interested in their food bowls.
Mobile App
The OKAMI U110 mobile app has been created specifically for this model. Schedule cleanups, set no-go zones or allowed zones — the robot will show you its map of your home and you can correct it if needed. The app will also remind you when it is time to replace accessories.
Effective Height
The height of Okami U110 amounts to less than 10 cm, which allows the vacuum to sweep and mop in most hard-to-reach places. We can proudly say that it will find you anywhere.
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Standard Kit

Included in the kit / 6-9 months

0 ₽
  • 4 side brushes
  • 2 HEPA filters
  • 2 mopping cloths
Extended Kit

9-12 months
1790 ₽
  • + 2 side brushes
  • + 1 HEPA filter
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Absolute Kit

Lasts long

4990 ₽
  • + 8 side brushes
  • + 4 HEPA filters
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Warranty Plan

Choose an extended warranty for maximum protection

Standard terms

0 ₽
  • 12 months warranty
  • Standard maintenance period
  • Free delivery to the service from the pick-up point of a transport company and back

Maximum benefits

4990 ₽
  • 30 months warranty
  • Maintenance period — up to 3 days
  • Free delivery to the service from your door and back
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Okami U110 Home Station
Navigation Type
2D SLAM Technology
LiDAR Technology
LiDAR Technology
LiDAR Technology
Li-Ion 2600 mAh
Li-Ion 3200 mAh
Li-Ion 5200 mAh
Li-ion 5200 mAh
Suction power
1800-2500 Pa
1800-2500 Pa
2000-5000 Pa
up to 2800 Pa
Mopping Feature
Yes, with adjustable water flow
Y-like mopping with adjustable water flow
Y-like mopping with adjustable water flow
Yes, with moving back and forth
Dirt/Water Tank Volume
600 ml /360 ml
600 ml /360 ml
600 ml /360 ml
220 ml
Scheduled Cleanups
Wi-Fi Control
No-go Zones in the App
Cleanup Resumption after Recharging
Robot's Height
7,6 cm
10 cm
10 cm
9,6 cm
Okami U110 Home Station
Protects the cleanliness of your home

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