Robot vacuum cleaner with mopping

Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function
This review article will help you choose the right robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function. Below we will take a look at:
  • what kinds of robotic vacuum cleaners with mopping
  • what advantages and disadvantages they have
  • what characteristics of the devices you need to study when choosing
  • what models of the brands Okami and Panda are worth paying attention to
Types of robot vacuum cleaners with mopping function, design and operating principles

There are three types of robot vacuum cleaners that can perform mopping:

1. Robot vacuum cleaners with the function of a floor scrubber
They are equipped with mounts for fixing special wipes. Their use increases the quality of cleaning. For mopping, the wipes have to be wet by hand.
2. Mopping robot vacuum cleaners
The design of such models provides for the presence of two containers - for clean and dirty water. The detergent is dissolved in it. When cleaning, the devices spray the mixture. The spent liquid is sucked into the container. Such models are chosen by owners of houses and apartments in the absence of carpets, laminate and unprotected wooden floor coverings in the premises.
3. Robotic vacuum cleaners designed for dry and wet cleaning
Equipped with cloths and tanks for the mixture of water and detergent. In the process of cleaning, the liquid is fed to the wipes through capillaries.
For home use, devices of the third type are the best. It is them that we will consider below.
Advantages and Disadvantages

Let's talk about the advantages of robot vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning:

  • Versatility
    The mixture of water and detergent is fed to the cloth evenly and in small quantities. This makes the devices suitable for cleaning all types of coatings.
  • Convenience
    All wet and dry vacuum cleaner robots can be fine-tuned. The pre-programmed robot will perform its functions exactly when it is convenient for you.
  • Impressive Design
    A robot vacuum cleaner brings the interior of the room to life when cleaning. Houses and apartments decorated in high-tech style get a special zest.
  • High cleaning efficiency
    Robotic vacuum cleaners do not only remove dust. The devices can clean surfaces from the small debris and pet hair.

Robot vacuum cleaners have only two disadvantages:

  • 1
    High cost
    Even a budget robot vacuum cleaner costs more than its traditional counterpart.
  • 2
    Cleaning not the entire area of the room
    Part of the area (0.8"-1.2" / 2-3 cm from the walls) remains not cleaned.
What to look for when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner with mopping
Let's talk about the characteristics and features of robot vacuum cleaners with mopping, which you should pay attention to when choosing.

Complexity of the navigation system

The correctness of the movement of the device in the apartment depends on it. The following technologies and devices are used in the navigation systems of robot vacuum cleaners:

  • Algorithmization of movement. Standard solutions include zigzags, spiral, perimeter and serpentine.
  • Composition of navigation system. The simplest work on infrared sensors (contact, height difference). The navigation systems of advanced robotic vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning include gyroscopes, cameras and laser scanners.
  • Room mapping. Robots equipped with cameras and laser scanners have this function. Such assistants move as correctly as possible.

In addition, navigation systems can include restrictive magnetic tapes and motion coordinators. Their use allows you to prohibit the robot vacuum cleaner to clean certain areas.

Operating time and cleaning area

Each robot vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning these characteristics are individual. This is due to the fact that the rate of battery discharge depends on its capacity, weight and size of the robot, suction power, the functionality of the device and other parameters.

The main rule of choosing a robot vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning - the larger the area of the apartment, the greater the capacity of the battery should have to ensure the possibility of cleaning the room for 1 cycle of work.

By the way, you can calculate the approximate cleaning area yourself. To do this, you need to subtract 10 from the battery life (in minutes). For example, if the robot can clean an apartment for 120 minutes, it can clean up to 110 m2 of area.

Dust canister capacity

Here, the area of the premises is also taken into account:

  • For cleaning a small apartment with an area of up to 40 m2 will suit a robot vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning with a dust canister of small volume (0.3 liters).
  • Devices that are designed for cleaning small apartments up to 80 m2 are equipped with medium-volume dust collectors (0.6 l).
  • For large apartments, the robots with the maximum capacity (0.9-1 l) are better suited.


Together with the robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function, you can buy a variety of additional accessories and devices. Let us tell you about them in detail.

  • Remote controls. Designed for remote control, as well as programming of advanced models.
  • Magnetic tapes and motion coordinators. About them we told above.
  • Replacement and additional accessories. Manufacturers supplement completions with replacement brushes and wipes, as well as special devices. The latter include brushes for cleaning dustpans and removing pet hair.

Noise level

If the robot vacuum cleaner will work in your absence, the noise level can be disregarded when choosing the device. Otherwise, buy a device that works as quietly as possible.


The presence of this function allows you to fine-tune the cleaning schedule. At the same time, everything can be done remotely. You can set the schedule, track the parameters of the robot (charge level, direction of movement, how full the dust canister is) and find out its route through an application on your smartphone. This is very convenient in travel and business trips. By your return the apartment or house will be clean.

Additional features and functions
  • The possibility of disinfecting surfaces with ultraviolet radiation. Robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with special UV lamps for this purpose. They have an antimicrobial effect on the surfaces to be cleaned.
  • Quality of air filtration. For its fine cleaning, robot vacuum cleaners with mopping function are equipped with HEPA-filters. They are porous harmonics with holes. They can be of different diameters (from 0,3 to 0, 65 microns). There are 7 types of HEPA filters. They differ from each other in the quality of fine air purification.
  • The diameter of the robot. The smaller it is, the greater the number of hard-to-reach places the electronic assistant will be able to penetrate.
  • Shape. Manufacturers offer round, rectangular and square models. In this case, the shape of the robot does not greatly affect the quality of cleaning. At some distance from the walls, the surfaces will remain unclean in any case. For square and rectangular robots this distance is 0.8" / 2 cm. For round robots it is 1.2" / 3 cm.
  • Height. Usually ranges from 3" / 7.5 to 4.7" / 12 cm. The lower the robot vacuum cleaner, the better. A low device will be able to clean surfaces under a large number of interior objects.
  • Complete with turbo brushes, electric brushes and brushes to remove pet hair. The use of these devices provides quality cleaning of carpets. Brushes for removing pet hair have a special shape. This solution eliminates the coiling of hair. Maintenance of the robot is greatly simplified.
  • The presence of sensors for the type of coverage. With their help, robot vacuum cleaners with mopping function distinguish smooth surfaces from the hairy ones.
  • The presence of contamination sensors. They are needed to adjust the parameters of the robot vacuum cleaner. On heavily soiled areas, the suction power increases. The electronic helper can slow down or stay in place for quality cleaning.
  • It is equipped with an aromatic diffuser. It is found in some models of robot vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning. Aromadiffuser is a small additional container in which you can pour aromatic oil. In the process of cleaning, the robot with this additional option will fill the room with a pleasant smell.
Can a robot vacuum cleaner with wet and dry cleaning function effectively clean flooring?
Of course it can, and today's models do a great job. Vacuum cleaning robots with wet and dry functions are suitable for cleaning:
  • wooden surfaces
  • linoleum
  • tiles
  • carpets with a small and extended pile
  • laminate
  • parquet
Rating of the best robot-vacuum cleaners Okami and Panda with mopping feature
Okami U90
Okami U100
Panda EVO
Choose the model that best suits you. Do you have any questions? Ask them to our specialists by phone or online.
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