Robot vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning

Here's some information on how to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpets!


A robot vacuum cleaner is not good for cleaning carpets.

Is it true that robot vacuum cleaners are bad at cleaning carpets?
It is commonly believed that a robot vacuum cleaner is poorly suited for dry and wet carpet cleaning. And as for the long pile (from 1.2" / 3 cm), this statement is absolutely correct — no automatic helper available on the market is able to overcome such an obstacle. However, given that the average pile length is 0.2"-0.6" / 0.5-1.5 cm, there are devices that can handle carpets. The device cleans surfaces well from dust, debris and pet hair, reducing the time to tidy up the premises.

Main selection criteria

To ensure that the chosen device works effectively to get your short and medium pile flooring spotless, make sure it meets the main markers on our checklist.
  • Turbo brush
    Devices with suction modules and side brushes, as testing shows, have little effect on the pile. You need a device with a central turbo brush or its alternative — two silicone or rubber rollers.
  • Height of obstacles to be overcome
    A robot vacuum cleaner with a thin body and small wheels is not able to climb the surface with a pile of more than 0.4" / 1 cm. Pay attention to appliances that can cope with obstacles from 0.6" / 1.5 cm high. The most effective models are those with an index of 0.8" / 2 cm.

Let's move on to the following technical parameters:

  • Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner model with a practical battery
    High carpets require a vacuum cleaner with a high-capacity battery (2000 mAh and higher). Units with lower ratings will consume all the energy even in the first minutes of cleaning, which means it will take longer to get your house clean. Lithium-ion batteries are considered the most practical.
  • Optimal volume of the dust collector
    The trash can volume of carpet cleaning models can be standard. An average of 0.6-0.7 liters is enough.
  • Dimensions of the robot vacuum cleaner
    To clean not only open surfaces but also areas of the carpet under cabinets, the robot vacuum cleaner should have a medium height (3.9" / 10 cm). The diameter of the wheels also becomes important. If this parameter is less than 2.5" / 6.5 cm, the equipment will not be able to drive on the surface.
  • Power of the robot vacuum cleaner
    The higher the suction power, the more efficient the household appliance is at cleaning. For high pile carpets, you need devices with suction power higher than 45 watts. If the manufacturer does not specify this parameter in the technical specifications, pay attention to the possibility of automatic power adjustment when working with different coatings.
    When you switch to Super Power mode, the vacuum cleaner is 5 times more efficient, but this has an impact on battery consumption: the battery life is also five times shorter.

What configuration should I choose?
A robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpets should be equipped with a turbo brush, a capacious dust collector, and a station for recharging the battery and filters. The following options will be useful:

  • remote control;
  • charger adapter
  • replaceable nozzles and brushes;
  • virtual wall;
  • air and HEPA filters;
  • side brushes;
  • UV lamp.

Make sure you have the manual in Russian and the warranty card filled out. It is also desirable that the selected equipment can be repaired at a service center. The price of automatic devices is high, so it is not profitable to replace them at the first breakdown.

Rating of Okami and Panda robot vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets

  • Okami U100
    The premium robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning not only hard surfaces, but also carpets. Thanks to the petal-bristle turbo brush and high suction power, Okami U100 is an indispensable assistant in every housewife's home.
The laser rangefinder, TOF-sensor, soft-touch and drop sensors, and high-precision gyroscope allow the Okami U100 to navigate perfectly in your home, effectively dealing with any type of dirt. The V-Shape 3.0 Turbo Brush is a quick way to clean pet hair and fur, and the advanced navigation system helps you not to miss the untidy areas in your apartment!
  • Panda EVO
    Modern robot-vacuum cleaner with high-quality SLAM navigation, allowing competent navigation, mopping feature, and the ability to control the device from your smartphone. Suction power up to 2150 Pa is perfect for cleaning carpets.
  • Okami U90
    The model is designed for dry and wet cleaning of not only parquet, tile, and laminate, but also carpets. The V-Shape 3.0 turbo brush, Vision 3.0 video camera, and NIDEC motor are what you need in the fight against debris and dirt.
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