Robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair? We share our recommendations with you!

A robot vacuum cleaner is great for both dry and wet cleaning of smooth floor surfaces, as well as for cleaning pet hair from carpets and upholstered furniture.

Important features of design and operation
Let's start with the design features that are relevant when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner.
  • The ability to customize the cleaning schedule. With this option, you will be able to program the gadget. He will work exactly when it is convenient for you.
  • Suction power. The higher it is, the better the robot vacuum collects pet hair from smooth floors and carpets.
  • Ease of use. The device should be equipped with a removable turbo brush. It is needed for cleaning pile coverings and heavily soiled areas of the floor. Modern models are equipped with silicone devices. They are slower to clog and easier to release from stuck hairs.
  • The function of thorough cleaning of particularly dirty areas. For this purpose, robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with special sensors. They determine the level of soiling. As a result, the suction power and the rotation speed of the turbo brush are well regulated.
  • Virtual wall. The presence of this function allows the device to limit access to the bowls and trays of pets.
  • Battery capacity. It should provide a long operating time of the technique (from 120 to 150 minutes). This is important because the process of cleaning cat or dog hair is long and heavy.

Which filter is better for hair collection?

Robot vacuum cleaners designed for cleaning pet hair are equipped with a large (0.5-0.7 liters) vacuum cleaner. The devices have a multi-level cleaning system. Special HEPA filters do not allow the hair to get on the turbo-fans.

How to use a robot vacuum cleaner, taking into account the reaction of the dog or cat
There are three ways pets can react to electronic helpers.
  • 1
    Ignoring the appliance. This is the best interaction option. Dogs and cats do not pay attention to the technique and do not interfere with its cleaning tasks.
  • 2
    Game. The pet perceives the robotic vacuum cleaner as a toy. Often small pets like to ride on the appliance. This can cause the device to break, as it is not designed for the extra load. Playing with the vacuum cleaner by a cat or dog may also damage the side brushes.
  • 3
    Fear. Caused by the appearance or noise of the device. These reactions are rare. Even fearful pets get used to robot vacuum cleaners very quickly.
Let's tell about additional unpleasant nuances, which are important to consider when using the technique
  • Do not use a robot vacuum cleaner when the dog or cat is not yet accustomed to the litter box. If the device touches the excrement of the animal or passes over it, it will only make the situation worse.
  • While playing with the robotic vacuum cleaner, the pet may push the buttons and confuse the settings. Statistically, this happens very rarely, but it is not unreasonable to monitor the situation.
  • It is recommended to remove small toys left by the pet from the floor before starting the technique.
  • In the worst case, the robot can suck the tail of the pet. Therefore, you should not leave the turned on device and the pet alone.

Rating of the best robot vacuum cleaners Okami and Panda for cleaning pet hair

To make your choice of household appliances even easier, let's focus on the features of robot vacuum cleaners brands Okami and Panda - devices that are excellent for removing cat and dog hair from different surfaces.
Okami U80 Pet
  • Equipped with an automatic cleaning mode and the presence of a high-precision gyroscope allows you to cope with dirt on large areas.
  • Ability to carry out spot cleaning in places of special accumulation of garbage. Cleaning is done in a spiral route, and when finished, the robot will return to the station to recharge.
  • Manual control saves time by allowing you to control the device with the remote control.
  • The suction power control allows you to effectively remove pet hair from the flooring.
  • Heavily soiled areas are no problem. The presence of a turbo brush allows the vacuum cleaner to fight different types of debris.
Panda Evo
  • High-quality SLAM navigation allows the robot to navigate in space without missing the dirty areas, and construct a map of the room for comfortable use of the device.
  • Three suction power modes are one of the main criteria in choosing a vacuum cleaner for the fight against pet hair. Choose the best option for your coverage and the result will not take long.
  • The convenient smartphone control will turn a chore into a pleasant pastime. Minimal time with maximum cleaning efficiency.
To buy a robot-vacuum cleaner Panda or Okami with delivery in Moscow or other regions of Russia, make an order on our site or contact a specialist by phone. Make your choice and make a profitable purchase.
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