Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners are not just a fashion trend, but indispensable helpers in every home.

If you want the cleanliness in the house to be perfect without compromising your career and family, buy a programmable robot vacuum cleaner. This is a relatively new model on the market, which allows you to make a schedule of cleaning in the room. Basic settings include:
  • delayed start
  • turning on at a certain time
  • cleaning schedule (every other day, on the selected days)
  • limitation of cleaning time
What are the advantages of robot vacuum cleaners with a programmable cleaning schedule?
Models with scheduled startup make cleaning a self-contained procedure. All the user has to do is to set the home helper's operating mode and then clean the vacuum cleaner regularly. You do not even have to interfere in the process of recharging the robotic vacuum cleaner - if the battery is low, the unit will return to the base by itself.
Which models of Okami and Panda can be programmed for cleaning?
The leadership among programmable models belongs to the brands Okami and Panda. These devices have a reasonable price, flexible function settings, stylish design and compact size. Let us analyze the most popular modifications of robots.
Okami U80 is the control of vacuum cleaner from anywhere in the world. The application will not only allow you to actuate the gadget, but also to adjust the schedule of cleaning, see the map of the room and choose modes of operation. Smart assistant will save you a lot of time!

Okami U90 allows you to monitor the process of cleaning on your smartphone, limit the movement zones of the device.

Okami U100 is a gadget that can be programmed to clean in a certain area. You can also prohibit cleaning in undesirable areas.

Panda EVO is a robot vacuum cleaner, which can be controlled by a mobile app. In it, the user can set the cleaning plan by day, choose the desired mode, mark the area for mopping, view the map of the device's movement.
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