Panda X5S Pro
Popular model with a gyroscope
SRP - 25990
Panda X5S is the first Panda-branded robot vacuum cleaner equipped with a turbo brush. The high quality of cleaning in this model is combined with advanced navigation based on a gyroscope.
Your perfect assistant
The Panda X5S robot vacuum cleaner is an object of desire for every modern person. This gadget is powerful, highly productive, intelligent and at the same time quite compact, stylish, and most importantly – silent. It will quickly clean the room in a zig-zag path based on a gyroscope, as well as flawlessly remove pet hair, long hair and other debris from the surface.

The Panda X5S robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with innovative developments that have made it the most popular among other representatives of the model range. Key features of Panda X5S are:

  • Navigation algorithm for calculating trajectories and routes of movement with precise control of maneuvers for a more thorough cleaning of premises.

  • Technology of automatic water supply from a 600 ml tank for mopping.

  • Control the gadget without reference to its location of the device thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module and the ability to synchronize mobile devices.

  • Innovative cleaning mechanism system –double turbo brush with V-shaped bristles for precise cleaning and easy maintenance of the structure.

  • Indispensable feature of returning to the base and automatic recharging.

  • Convenient cleaning modes "on schedule", allowing you to build a schedule for cleaning the room to the minute.

  • Universal functionality with many different cleaning modes for all surfaces.

Created in the best traditions of the brand, the Panda X5S robot is compact, has a stylish modern design and intelligent software, thanks to which many people are eager to buy this model.