Okami T90

Model with Wi-Fi and replaceable brush
29 990
An updated version of this model — Okami U80/U90 — is released on October 14. Compare them and find out more here!

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with the latest technology — mapping, central turbo brush with the ability to replace the nozzle for collecting pet hair, an advanced virtual wall and more.
Technical Specifications
  • Height / Diameter: 0.4" / 1.4" (10 cm / 35 cm.)
  • Weight: 6.6 lb (3.3 kg)
  • Battery: Li-ion 2000mAh LongLife+
  • Tank capacity: 0.7 l. + 0.12 l.
  • Noise level: 45-60 dB.
  • Operating time: 90-120 min.
  • Charging time: 240 min.
  • UV Lamp: Yes
  • Polisher mode: Yes
  • Programmable cleaning: Yes, daily
  • Firmware ROS 7.0
  • Wi-Fi module for smartphone control

Key features of Okami T90 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Creates and memorizes the map of the room
The Okami T90 robot vacuum cleaner is the most advanced vacuum cleaner in the line in matters of navigation. It won't get lost in your apartment, no matter how big it is. From the very first seconds of cleaning, the vacuum cleaner draws a map of the room, marking cleaned and not yet visited areas of the apartment. Thanks to this innovation, the cleaning efficiency has increased several times.
Replaceable brush system
Finally, the question of which vacuum cleaner to choose — with or without a turbo brush — has been resolved. The Okami T90 has a system of replaceable nozzles. You can use the vacuum cleaner both with the turbo brush, achieving maximum cleaning efficiency, and with a nozzle for collecting pet hair.
3D filtration system
The dust collector in the T90 model is different in design from all the others in the line.. It has a curved coarse filter inside and a fine filter (HEPA) output. This design improves the air flow through the tank, resulting in increased suction power. A coarse pre-filter makes the indoor air even cleaner, and the lifetime of the HEPA filter is longer.
ESLAM Technology
Thanks to the patented ESLAM technology, the robot vacuum cleaner cleans sequentially, marking for itself the already cleaned areas. This reduces cleaning time and improves cleaning quality.
Cleaning in corners
Bionic algorithms allow the robot vacuum cleaner to identify the corners and pass them in such a way that maximum debris and pollution are covered.
Cleaning area
Okami T90 can store about 150 sq.m. of space in memory. After cleaning up one part, it will move to the other.
Speaks Russian
Yes, we have translated and dubbed Okami T90 for you. The robot vacuum cleaner has about 30 different voice notifications telling you its current status. What could be better than you and your devices speaking the same language?
Standart Equipment
  • Okami T90 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Remote Control
  • Charger Adapter
  • Charging Dock
  • Water Tank
  • Replaceable PET-nozzle for collecting pet hair
  • Virtual Wall
  • Remote control batteries: Yes.
  • Air filter: 2 pcs.
  • Side Brushes: 4 pcs.
  • Tank cleaning brush
  • Mopping cloths: 2 pcs.
  • Instruction manual in Russian and warranty card

Technical specifications of Okami T90

Outstanding and impressive performance


2000 Pa pressure generated


2000 mAh Li-ion LongLife+

Cleaning time

up to 110 min.

Weight and dimensions

3,3 kg. Height 10 cm.


Mapping with memory

Noise level

from 45-60 Db.

Dust collector capacity

0.7 l

Virtual Wall

Yes, double

Productive motor
The Okami T90 model uses the latest DC motor, allowing you to achieve high speeds with the same power consumption. This gives an increase in power and the quality of cleaning. Noise isolation of the motor allows you to use the robot vacuum cleaner without distracting yourself from your work. The maximum noise level is 60 dB.


Last a long time. Always in stock. Special prices when buying a robot vacuum cleaner.

Standard Kit

Included in the kit / 6-9 months

0 ₽
  • 4 side brushes
  • 2 HEPA filters
  • 2 mopping cloths

Maximum Kit

15-18 months
2410 ₽
  • + 4 side brushes
  • + 2 HEPA filters
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Can Okami T90 handle pet hair?
Yes, this model can collect pet hair both with a brush and a special vacuum opening. The engine power for this task is sufficient for this task with plenty of reserve.
Does the robot pick up dust and small debris well?
Since the main task of a robot vacuum cleaner is to keep the apartment clean in the absence of the owners, Okami T90 collects dust and debris better than any other similar vacuum cleaner.
What is the height of the robot?
The height of the robot vacuum cleaner is 10 cm.
What is the height of the thresholds it can overcome?
Up to 0.6" (1,5 cm). If the interior partitions are smooth, even higher.
How does mopping work?
The Okami T90 robot vacuum cleaner comes with a mopping unit. It is attached to the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner, allowing both dry and wet cleaning at the same time.
Okami T90

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