Okami T90
Flagship model with navigation and Wi-Fi
SRP - 29990
The Okami T90 model is a novelty, a robot vacuum cleaner created anew. This gadget is equipped with the latest technology — mapping, central turbo brush with the ability to replace the nozzle for collecting pet hair, an advanced virtual wall and more. You can control this model from your phone from anywhere in the world.
Your perfect assistant
A new model – T90 – was added to the line of Okami robot vacuum cleaners. It has won the attention and love of customers thanks to its advanced functionality and unsurpassed design. Like other devices in this series, the Okami T90 model is characterized by high performance, endurance and the ability to independently develop a route based on algorithmic navigation device (2D mapper).

The T90 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a virtual wall, which creates a barrier for the vacuum cleaner not in the form of one beam, but two at once. With this wall, you can restrict the robot's movements even more effectively than before.

The key advantage of the Okami T90 is the ability to use a robot vacuum cleaner with both a turbo brush and a special nozzle for collecting pet hair. It is a vacuum hole placed instead of a brush, thanks to which fur and long hair fall directly into the dust collector, and are not wound on the brush.

Advantages of the Okami T90 model:

  • Ability to build a route and keep it in memory.

  • A set of replaceable PRO and PET series nozzles, with which the gadget can flawlessly clean your room.

  • Mopping function using a water tank.

  • A powerful 2000 mAh Li-ion battery, which provides full working capacity of the vacuum cleaner for 120 minutes without interruption.

  • Compact, ergonomic and stylish modern design that will harmoniously fit into any interior.

The Okami T90 model is an amazingly resourceful and smart machine that will not only clean your home perfectly, but can also hear you. What could be better for a modern person who keeps up to date?

Can Okami T90 handle pet hair?
Yes, this model can collect pet hair both with a brush and a special vacuum opening. The engine power for this task is sufficient for this task with plenty of reserve.
Does the robot pick up dust and small debris well?
Since the main task of a robot vacuum cleaner is to keep the apartment clean in the absence of the owners, Okami T90 collects dust and debris better than any other similar vacuum cleaner.
What is the height of the robot?
The height of the robot vacuum cleaner is 10 cm.
What is the height of the thresholds it can overcome?
Up to 0.6" (1,5 cm). If the interior partitions are smooth, even higher.
How does mopping work?
For mopping, you need to install a water tank on the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner. You can pour water or detergent into it. While cleaning, water from the container will flow onto a microfiber cloth, wiping the floor.