Okami T80
Mapping and Wi-Fi
SRP - 24990
The Okami T80 model is new for 2018, the second vacuum cleaner in the line with the letter T. It has a brushless cleaning mechanism, perfect for apartments with pets. Equipped with advanced algorithmic navigation. It is possible to control from the app. It has a mopping feature.
Is your pet shedding? I'm coming to you.
Okami T80 is another smart robot vacuum cleaner, representing a line of gadgets with cartographers. In addition to the algorithmic navigation system, this model is equipped with a gyroscope and a "virtual wall" device delimiting the space for better cleaning.

The main feature that distinguishes the robotic vacuum cleaner from its predecessors is the embedded software for remote control and management of the cleaning process. Owners of the intelligent Okami T80 model have the ability to give a variety of commands by installing a special app on their mobile device (for Android, iOS).

Thanks to the new features, the automatic vacuum cleaner has more capabilities. Now the owners of Okami T80 can fully entrust their home to a smart robot, because it will:

1. Efficiently and consistently clean the room, independently building the most productive route using 2D mapping.

2. Thoroughly clean your apartment from pet hair, long hair and other debris thanks to the brushless mechanism.

3. Capture even the most hidden areas of the apartment due to a new feature – zigzag moving.

In addition to advanced functionality, the ergonomic Okami T80 vacuum cleaner has other positive qualities, while remaining:

  • powerful and durable due to the installed 2000 mAh Li-ion battery with the LongLife+ option;

  • quiet and compact (the weight of the device is 6.6 lb (3.3 kg) and the height is only 3.5" (9 cm));

  • intelligent, remembering its route and independently developing a cleaning plan.

The Okami T80 model is the perfect helper that will solve your cleaning problems. With its help, you can spend more time with your friends and family.

Can Okami T80 handle pet hair?
Yes, this model does not have a brush, on which fur and hair are usually wound. Instead, the robot is equipped with a vacuum opening with a rubber scraper.
What apartment size is this model suitable for?
Okami T80 can easily handle a room of up to 110 square meters.
What is the height of the robot?
The height of Okami T80 is 3.5" (9 cm).
How does mopping work?
For mopping, you need to install a water tank on the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner. You can pour water or detergent into it. While cleaning, water from the container will flow onto a microfiber cloth, wiping the floor.