Okami S90
Top Seller
SRP - 21990
The Okami S90 model is the bestseller of 2017-2018. Incredible reliability and quality of cleaning will not leave you indifferent. Brushless cleaning mechanism makes the Okami S90 an ideal solution for pet owners
Keeps your home clean
Powerful, stylish, obedient and smart – the perfect combination of qualities that can describe our new Okami S90 robot vacuum cleaner. This model is the best choice for those who need a silent but hardworking assistant.

The Okami S90 robotic compact vacuum cleaner is a continuation of the legendary line of Panda devices that easily remove traces of pets, in addition to household garbage. At the same time, the Okami S90 model is an improved version of the X900, which gained popularity at the time of its appearance on the market.

The Okami S90 vacuum cleaner is a unique high-tech gadget equipped with the latest technology. It is equipped with:

  • A 2000 mAh Li-ion battery, which allows the device to clean a room of 150 m² on just one charge.

  • Convenient magnetic fasteners for easy extraction and replacement of the dust collector.

  • An expanded set of features, which includes the ability to set the trajectory of ZIGZAG movement, which increases the efficiency of the device for cleaning large rooms.

  • A Virtual Wall devicethat can be used to create invisible borders to a personthat restrict certain areas or rooms from being cleaned by an automated.

The combination of such modern innovations embodied in the Okami S90 model is complemented with:

  • full automation of the device;

  • traditional durability;

  • high reliability;

  • convenient function to return the robot to the station;

  • an indispensable option of scheduled cleaning.

Externally, the modern household gadget is made in a stylish universal design that will perfectly complement any interior. With its artificial intelligence vacuum cleaner Okami S90 will become your reliable companion and best friend, with which your home will always be clean, bright and cozy.

Can Okami S90 handle pet hair?
Yes, this model, like the entire line of Okami vacuum cleaners, is perfect for this task. The S90 has no central brush, so you don't have to waste time cleaning the robot every time.
What apartment size is this vacuum cleaner suitable for?
S90 is suitable for apartments up to 60-70 sq.m.
What is algorithm navigation?
This type of navigation means that the robot does not create a map of the room, but chooses a route based on information received through sensors. Okami S90 moves like a snake, can identify the wall and turn on the "along the wall" cleaning mode. This combination is more than enough for studios or 2-room apartments.
How does mopping work?
For mopping, you need to install a water tank on the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner. You can pour water or detergent into it. While cleaning, water from the container will flow onto a microfiber cloth, wiping the floor.
What is the height of the robot?
The Okami S90 is 3.5" (9 cm) high.