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Climate guru of your home
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The Hanzo Z9 smart humidifier with humidification function is a guarantee of clean and fresh air in your apartment. Multistage filtration captures 99.9% of harmful particles, purifies and ionizes the air. Wi-Fi control is available.
Hanzo Z9 is not just an air purifier, but a real climate station in your home. This stylish gadget will take care of air filtration through 4 different filters, humidification and UV purification. If you feel that everything in the room is electrified — no problem. Hanzo Z9 will get rid of this with its negative ion generator.

Key Features of the Hanzo Z9 Air Purifier

Multistage cleaning
Hanzo Z9 is equipped with a seven-stage air purification system, including:
1) Pre-cleaning filter
2) HEPA filter
3) Antibacterial filter
4) Activated carbon
5) Cold catalytic titanium dioxide filter
6) UV purification of the air flow
7) Ionization.
Convenient display
The main controls are located on the top of the cleaner. Here you can see the current air purity and active functions. The diode strip changes color depending on the content of fine dust in the air.
Air humidification
For healthy breathing, it's not just important that the air is clean. Air humidity affects breathing, skin condition and many other aspects. It's so great that Hanzo Z9 humidifies the air and purifies it at the same, isn't it?
Smartphone control
Control the air purifier remotely using a mobile app. It contains information about the purity of the air and allows you to turn the purifier on/off, start UV cleaning, ionization and child protection.
Scheduled purifying
Set up the purifier's schedule so that when you get home, your apartment is free of dust and allergens. The volume does not exceed 38 dB, Hanzo Z9 can be used while sleeping.

Why is an air purifier useful now?

If you can relate to any of the problems below, Hanzo Z9 will help improve your quality of life

  • Viral diseases
    An air purifier with such a filtration system detains up to 95% of virus particles, which will be useful during periods of increased viral activity.
  • Allergy to flowering and pollen
    Hanzo Z9 has successfully proved itself in the fight against pollen during the flowering period. Put it in a room closer to the window and you will notice a significant reduction in allergic reactions.
  • Closed windows
    In winter, it is very important to have clean indoor air, but most of the time the windows remain closed. An air purifier can help solve this problem.
  • Environmentally hostile environment
    If you live near industrial plants, the likelihood of harmful substances in the air is significantly higher. An air purifier can help minimize the dangers of such a neighborhood


Which filters and how often it is recommended to change

  • Automatic notification
    The Hanzo Z9 purifier will remind you of the maintenance recommendation.
  • Pre-cleaning filter
    Every 320 hours, the cleaner will remind you to clean it. This can be done by simply rinsing it with water.
  • Basic Filters
    It is recommended that the other two double-sided filters be changed every 1500 operating hours. If you don't think the filters are visually very dirty, you can reset the reminder until the next maintenance change.

Full set of filters

Needed after 1500 hours or later
4 levels of purification are represented by two double-sided filters. These are all consumables for the purifier. Hanzo Z9 will remind you to replace them after 1500 hours of use.

Warranty Plan

Choose an extended warranty for maximum protection


Standard terms

0 ₽
  • 12 months warranty
  • Standard maintenance period
  • Free delivery to the service from the pick-up point of a transport company and back

Maximum benefits

6990 ₽
  • 30 months warranty
  • Maintenance period — up to 3 days
  • Free delivery to the service from your door and back
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